2011 Trip

Georgetown waterfront from where the free ferry departs the island for the quick trip to Butterworth on the Malay Peninsula.
Georgetown waterfront with ferry that transports passengers on top level and vehicles on the bottom.
Extremes of boats - local fishing and freighters.
Because of the size of the population, buses leave very regularly for destinations all over the peninsula. They are usually very brightly coloured and decorative, Fancy curtains a necessity it would seem.

IPOH in the state of PERAK
These photos taken in the old part of the city.
Saw trucks like this on a number of occassions here and in Penang.
A great variety of unfamiliar plants in containers everywhere on pavements.
So much vegetation and colour.
Don't see the old cars around like in NZ.
Cave time - this first one was amazing and nowhere near as messed around with as the others.
Think this one was more Buddhist.
It had opening at each end so there was a good degree of natural lighting.
The cave extras. Next lot another nearby cave - presumeably Taoist.
The other end of the cave looking out onto another lovely vegetated area.
Had to smile at the entrance being used as shade for the car!
In the above cave nature was tampered with and the walls whitewashed up to reachable height.
There were three in a row, one we bypassed on advise of driver, the one above we entered and the next we just photgraphed from the outside along with the grounds surrounding it.

Would you like to guess which photo is my favorite!

Departing Ipoh by bus.
Amused me how the folk on scooters put their jackets on back to front.
Loads of limestone hillsides being quarried on the outshirts.
Last photo on the approach to Kuala Lumpur.

Back to Kuala Lumpur. When we got back to Hotel there were no regular rooms with windows as they said there would be - so after moaning they gave us the family room with 2 double beds and bunks overlooking Petaling St.

Prayers boom out very early each morning. Don't hear the other ones over general noise of traffic and people - not to mention their music systems!

Shopping on a grand scale at KLCC.

View through roof and school children visiting at KLCC.

Shop displays and lifts.
Back to the market in Chinatown. Roof overhead in Petaling St is about 4 storeys high.
No waiting for trains - they seem to come every few minutes!

Stalls setting up down the street for the daily night market. Photo from 5 storeys up.