2012 Trip

KUCHING - the capital of Sarawak on the island of BORNEO.
Kuching means cats and they are well represented in all forms.
We struck a particularly hazy time to be there with so many fires burning on the Indonesian side of Borneo - even the afternoon thunder storms didn't make much impression!

Governor's residence

The older colonial building are suituated close to the river which would have been the busy part of town in past years, as were the merchants shop houses.

Places are about people. Yes, of course I can do your survey.  Must have made the boatman's day by paying him twice the going rate!

Don't ask me - I have no idea what some of these things are.  The markets are always so interesting and the way thingsare displayed always fascinates me.

We did so enjoy and learn a lot from visiting the cultural village.  It was not too touristy and was laid out well in pictureque grounds. What's more we got in really cheap as "oldies".