The Mission House here in Chandpur is on a pretty big chunk of land with the main house, staff quarters, guard house, guest room, and a number of buildings associated with one of the boys' hostels. About a third of the area is in big ponds.  I would have thought that stagnant water all around would not be conducive to keeping the mosquito population down but I haven't asked questions yet to get the big picture!  There is a tall concrete wall surrounding the property and secure gates at a few points around the complex.  The guard is supposed to ring out the hour all through the night but I suspect he sleeps through a few.

                                                           BANGLADESH         WEEK I c     MISSION HOUSE

The house is concrete with large rooms
 and a very high ceiling.  All wiring is
 exposed and light bulbs protrude from 
the walls.  I live downstairs where there
 are two bedrooms, a bathroom and kitchen/
utility areas and a spacious living/dining
 room. There is a big veranda area out 
front and this has metal meshed frontage 
that is padlocked at night but the screened
entrance into the lets in fresh air. In fact I
 don't think there is any glass at all 
downstairs, but there are shutters on the
 side and back windows. There is a shower, 
toilet and washing machine in the bathroom.
I have not managed to get anything but cold 
water yet, but that is fine - and refreshing!  
The water in the taps we can use for 
cleaning our teeth but drinking water is 
boiled. (This is unlike Dhaka where you use
 boiled water for teeth and all water is boiled 
for at least 20 mins.)
The plants outside are quite heavily coated
in dust and stuff needs wiping down
 regularly inside - but again nothing like as
bad as in Dhaka.  I am so happy to be here

There are some chickens on site and this rooster starts up about five,
whereas the first calls to prayer (from more than one source) starts
blaring out at 5.30 am.   Nothing like being reminded daily!

There is a house vegetable garden with a variety of goodies. The season
for growing broccoli is just finishing as it becomes too hot for them.
A good lot of tomatoes still growing. Must take a good peek in there
some time.