​To the Bridge and Back - part 2
Here we go again. From here on there were a lot of people that wanting to either try communicating with us or having up acknowledge them - a returned "hello" and a wave would do in a lot of cases, but as I sat on a log and busily started photographing down at the rivers edge, firstly lads in their early teens congregated around me then the late teens and early 20s started to join them.  Josh was photgraphing other stuff within view at this point.

This area seemed to be a distribution area for bunches of bananas
Bath time.
These guys had a whole truck load of steel to unload on their heads - protected by round cushion like things that were obviously pretty firm.

It is after this that I was asked for my first selfie of the day. Well once I agree to one there are a queue of young men lined up for their ones.  Josh got roped into this after a wee while too.  

The photo of the leaves are betel.  Historically they were chewed with something else that discoloured teeth.

There is also a photo of a metal thing you see in the middle of the elevated footpath that is for drainage. You will see another photo where they are dispersed at intervals down the pathway.
Loads of cows on the roads and footpaths this day.  It is also the Sabbath so only a small proportion of the shops open in the afternoon.  Back streets somewhat quieter than usual with traffic at times too.
Haha - I was photographing the vegetables above and a fella in the shop desperately wanted to be in one of my photos so came rushing over to pose beside them.  Couldn't refuse the offer - see left.
Shop below a bit bigger than average size.
I have an Asian broom fetish.  They are so much better than regular ones.  These look even better than my two Thai ones at home that are getting worn out.  Customs most certainly wouldn't allow me to bring these in!
Now the fella here has his beard dyed orange.  Some had orange to red dyed hair too. This signifies they have been to Mecca I am told.  
Taking a break from fossicking in the rubbish aound the corner.
This lady found a bag with food in it along the edge of the pond opposite where I live.  She took a break to pose for me before having another go at it.
"I see she has found something tasty - I'd better check it out too.  Which these humans could keep off my hoofpath. Oy! you with the camera - get off the path - I'm coming through." Yes I did step down onto the road.
 A deluxe model rickshaw.
 A well camoflauged kitchen visitor.