​SECOND Saturday was spent exploring a section of Chandpur's waterfront. Because I like too many of my photos I am going to have to do it in two sections - first upstream the down.  This first section was taken from the big paddock type area I had seen on a youtube video of Chandpur before leaving NZ. Actually the second area was also. 
​Firstly we took a CNG as we realised we were going to be spending a lot of the morning on our feet.


Fear not - more boats coming up!

​No, I am not obsessed with boats - they just happen to be very much linked with Chandpur's rivers. Also they are so easy to photograph.

A lot of the stuff you see in the shops looks like it is made of cheap plastic.  The small bags you see hanging in the first picture are nibbles like chips or fried peas. You just tear off now many you need. They are as full of air as you can get them with a very small amount of content.
The next two are in and from our CNG transport. 
Above contained some fellas sewing at their machines although hard to see.
Left washing day for this family.
Saw three people carrying stuff on their head this morning - two of which were children.  
Below - Big Billie Goat Gruff - little one coming up soon - couldn't find a suitable middle sized one to make up the family!
Above boat for catching shrimps.
Below - no - the goat is not pulling the boat along!  On the far side is where the two rivers meet and during storms in the monsoon season a big whirlpool can form there. The present launch terminal was formed because prior to this it was up the river thru Chandpur but this whirlpool devoured some ferries in past years. Scarey stuff and hard to imagine.
 Cricket pitches spread out over this area. Saw at least three groups of boys playing. I got asked to have a go by a group of teenagers - mmmm - missed first three, then when I did hit it I got caught out!

About Sand - sorry but when you are dealing with a teacher - even a retired one - they want to know everything and when they find out they want everyone else to know too!  Erosion along the waterfront a problem. On the next of these two pages you will also see blocks of concrete used along the waterfront.   Sand is dredged up in those boats from the first page I did - the ones that looked like they were on the verge of sinking.  
Well, it would seem that the pipe you see below going to the sea is the way the sand is pumped onto the shore from boats like those, stored the compressed.  One photo had what looked to us like a giant sandpit contained behind a kind of woven fence that was too tall for us to look over, but we could see between some cracks.
The supports going out into the sea made a great jungle gym for the boys to play on.

I'm told that building new boats and repairing old ones is done with the scrap metal from the ships that are being demolished - as in the Picnic page.

Next page we go downstream from the launch terminal.