Continuation from walk about - this time south of the "launch terminal".    This was right on the waterfront and on the left side it was initially workshop and residential space then pretty much all residential with no spaces in between and opening straight onto walkway. Not an affluent part of town - not that you see much affluence anyway. Perhaps, newer buildings would be a better term than affluent. 

Beside this workshop was another I couldn't photograph because of the incredibly strong fumes coming from the drawers he was staining. Nails apparent everywhere but all carved down the sides. I note that the table I am presently sitting out has little wooden bungs to cover where the nails were banged in.
Next generation "launch" - not hard to guess which level is first class.
I wrongly assumed the mark was a blemish, but have since found out that because she is so pretty it is placed to ward off evil spirits.  After watching this lad with his little sister for a wee while it was evident that he thought she was the best thing since sliced bread. He was so caring of her.
I love some of the boys prayer hats.

Even though the containers/pots were all aluminium his load was none too light. We watched as he stopped beside a house and a woman came out with an old one that he weighed before paying for it.  They are all recycled.
Destination reached - Bora Station - the place to go in Chandpur.  An area of land jutting out into the river at the place the local river joins the big one. If you are a young couple and want to hold hands this is the place to come out of the view of the conservatives. Also a place to come and relax, take photos of members of your family, have a bite to eat from food vendors and later enjoy a sunset.  There are also two hand operated things for kids to enjoy - at a price.
END OF THE LINE - literally.