Bengali New Year celebration 2019

Another fine day looms ahead as our small group of participating students arrive with a smattering of staff members to find we are the first there.  No problem, I have both cameras with me ready to snap away as other children from schools contending for the prize of best display for the parade, start arriving.  Of course, as soon as a camera is visible they all want their photos taken.  After a wee while they settle down and I can start choosing my subjects.  My facebook has them all but you are only getting the selected ones! 

In case you haven't yet registered - red is the preferred colour for the day.

By now the place is a seething mass of young humanity, police very much in evidence on the ground and in the air.  I have a pretty good zoom on my little camera eh!  I included the building cos these structures bring earthquakes to mind - I reckon a 5 on the reichter scale would have this one down. And yep - the walls are just one layer of unsupported brick thick. They do appear more solid when they are plastered over!  Next it is speech time followed by the start of our procession through the streets of Chandpur that the well armed police are keeping clear for us. Some streets are lined with spectators and others much quieter.
Another thing you might have noticed is the distinct lack of blondes, brunettes and redheads among this lot!  mmmmmmm.